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Positive (POZ) prevention

Latinos Positivos Toronto (LPT) and the Positive (POZ) Prevention program aims to educate and empower men of our Latino community at large in Ontario on issues relating to HIV and AIDS whether they are positive or not.

Until recently, all HIV prevention programs were directed toward the uninfected. Despite this, it seemed illogical to exclude other people living with HIV, who are committed to the prevention of HIV within our community.

As a result of these concerns and around some campaigns and other educational HIV prevention materials created confusion among the community increasing fear of developing more stigma and discrimination.

As a response to address these concerns, Latinos Positivos decided to create the POZ Prevention educational program to clarify definitions and provide accurate and timely information on HIV prevention among those who live HIV and other communities who may be at risk of contracting the virus.

The program is based on the following values to which we have rights of people living with HIV and AIDS:

Latinos living with HIV / AIDS have the right to:

• Live a full life, having satisfactory and healthy sexual and personal relationships .

• Live a life free of stigma and discrimination

• Keep medical information, including disclosure of our HIV status and information regarding our sexual health, confidential.

• The importance of recognizing the diversity of individuals, cultures, communities and own definitions.

• Active participation in the designing, planning, delivery and evaluation of support programs in reference to our health.

• The development of new prevention technologies that meet the needs of Latinos living with HIV / AIDS which are consistent with our sexual and personal lives.

What is the program about?

The program consists in training Peer Community Educators on issues and topics related to HIV / AIDS later organized scheduled presentations in educational forums and various groups and venues where the Latino community gathers.

The program also provides one on one peer-support when needed and requested by the participants.

LPO believes that the status of HIV / AIDS is not required to disclose it in areas where it is not required by Canadian law. So those who do not wish to disclose their serostatus are also invited to work in this program.

GIPA - (Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV and AIDS)

LPO (POZ) Prevention program adopts the principles of GIPA which aims to ensure and advocate for the rights and responsibilities of people living with HIV / AIDS, including their rights to self determination and participation in the decision process of the choices that affect their lives. In these efforts, GIPA also aims to improve the quality and the response to AIDS.

Newly Diagnosed?

We do not want to minimize what you're going through right now. You may feel that confirming a diagnosis of HIV is the worst that has happened in your life. Anger, fear, lack of emotion, confusion, depression...  All are natural reactions and feelings to be experienced when receiving news like this.

Do not try to block these feelings. Do not punish yourself or feel you have to be strong. This is your life, your body and your health. Take the time to decide what to do and then do it.

But pay attention: After receiving a positive diagnosis, life goes on.

Take a deep breath:  We know, you may be feel alone, well, know that there is a great community in Ontario that is ready to provide you with information, support, advice and other resources.

Latinos Positivos Toronto exists! And we are a group of men and women committed to help you to fight the fear, ignorance and prejudice that unfortunately still exist in relation to HIV and towards HIV-positive people.

You don’t have to go through the impact of the HIV diagnose alone! We understand if you have any type of concerns or reservations at this point, but, no matter what please, be sure to contact us, making contact at this stage with a community of HIV positive people it is a key step to start receiving practical services and obtain emotional support.


Make an appointment!

Call us at 416.506.1400 Extension 109, e-mail us at or visit us at 200 Gerrard St. E, 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON M5A 2E6.
To schedule an intake appointment, please call 416.506.1400 Extension 109.
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Open Monday through Friday from 12:00PM to 3:00PM.
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Upcoming Events

Latinos Positivos Toronto provides practical services but we are also committed to your physical and mental health, and your interaction with our community. We continuously organize forums, educational activities, social events, retreats and more.
To keep you informed about our upcoming events, checkout our calendar.